Appscend launches DolphinPHP

The first PHP framework for native cross-platform mobile applications

Appscend is the first mobile solution on the market to launch a PHP framework, DolphinPHP, for building native cross-platform applications. Through the Appscend framework, the PHP community can extend its reach to millions of smartphone and tablet users worldwide by using its current programming skills.

With the new DolphinPHP framework, businesses and customers can speed-up the development of native mobile applications, while also relying on a rich set of tools for commonly needed tasks and an intuitive structure to access them. This new leap forward aligns perfectly with the company’s initial vision on native mobile applications: cross-platform development frameworks, backend services and management tools safely integrated in cloud infrastructure create interactive experiences that drive simple and fast-paced user engagement.

Appscend has a deft hand in offering the means to develop and manage applications throughout the entire app life cycle and provides reliability and security in an ever-fluctuating mobile industry. Appscend assists companies worldwide in developing and managing a large number of simple or complex, native or hybrid mobile applications by offering its customers the fastest cross platform development technology available on the market today. Appscend provides a complete mix of backend services that ensure application and user management, a powerful push notifications system as well as a complete set of app analytics.

To capitalize on the mobile market growth, Appscend will continue to expand and tailor to the needs of the increasing number of customers and partners. Details on installing DolphinPHP are listed in Appscend’s Academy:

"PHP is the ideal choice for many web developers, being the most popular programming language to date, but so far it has not been employed into coding native cross-platform mobile apps. Through Appscend’s new framework, the PHP community can extend its reach and develop native mobile applications for smartphone and tablet users worldwide by simply using their current programming skills. Moreover, companies no longer need to increase their budgets for additional personal, but benefit from the inside PHP talent they already might have. " Sebastian Vaduva, CEO & Co-Founder Appscend
"With IgniteMarkup, Appscend’s innovative and proprietary mobile markup language, customers can empower rich and multiplatform mobile experiences. Based on IgniteMarkup, the DolphinPHP framework provides web programmers with a set of resources and tools that help with designing stunning interfaces and interactions in mobile apps, all while using a programming language they are already familiar with. For instance, it only takes one line of code to get the user's location, to send a Push Notification or to request the content of an article from our cloud-based Content Management System via Appscend's API. Creating, debugging and deploying apps using Appscend and our PHP framework is now truly effortless. " Gabriel Dobocan, Co-Founder Appscend
About Appscend

Founded in 2011, Appscend is the all-in-one cross-mobile performance based application platform. With over 2500 Referrals, Resellers and White Label partners and more than 250 applications listed in Apple iTunes and Google Play, Appscend offers its customers the fastest cross platform development technology available on the market today together with a complete list of backend technologies that ensure application & user management, a powerful push notifications platform as well as app analytics, ad-integration, in-app purchases and over-the-air distribution services. Having a holistic approach by providing a collection of software tools, integrated into a unified, web-based dashboard, clients can build, deploy, manage and most importantly monetize native, cross platform mobile applications.


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